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Tokyo Ghoul

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Rin matsuoka+Black

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Full scene of Noiz and Aoba’s final H-scene in the full game. Requested by anon. About 10 minutes.

Translation under cut.

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Newtype August 2014 - Free! high res scans + translation Part 1

Here is the little surprise I’ve been talking about a few days ago.

To celebrate this blog reaching one thousand followers, please have an english scanlation of this month’ Newtype. 

I did the magazine scans, cleaning and typesetting, kudouusagi did the whole translation, and ccparadise proofread and helped with typesetting. So, if you enjoy this read, please visit their blog and thank them warmly, for that couldn’t have been done without them!

As you can read in the post title, this is the first part only, there is more to come in the near future!

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